Where ideas
 meet action

Newestxxx is where people go to ideate, organize, and share their best work.

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Whether you're an engineer, educator, salesperson, or freelancer, Newestxxx is the best way to organize your work, share ideas and collaborate with your whole team.

Newestxxx for You

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“Life couldn’t be easier after finding Newestxxx, I am finally the organized person I have always wanted to be. From chores to Christmas gifts, tax returns to travel, I now have a Newestxxx doc to keep me on track.

What’s even better it is so simple to use with friends and family, I have a space for whoever I collaborate with!”

Headshot of Caroline Campbell

Caroline Campbell

Edinburgh, Scotland
App Store Best ofMac App of the Year
Apple Design AwardsFinalist

Newestxxx for Work

Bring all your work together

Newestxxx works the way you work and creates a seamless connection within and across your teams. It's trusted by millions, including teams at:

Select customers using Newestxxx

Daily Notes

Supercharge your daily stand‑ups

Share powerful, calendar-connected daily updates. Align on priorities, catch blockers and move forward, together with Daily Notes.

A team member sharing a daily update in Newestxxx with a checklist of completed tasks from yesterday
A team member sharing a daily update in Newestxxx tasks and blockers for today
Collaborative Docs

Go from idea to impact, together

Make a note, share it with your team, and watch as your big ideas transform into documents, projects and presentations that resonate.

A product team collaborating on user research docs in Newestxxx
A marketing team collaborating on a sales deck in Newestxxx
A design team collaborating on brand guidelines in Newestxxx
An engineering team collaborating on Documentation in Newestxxx


Find everything you need

Bring your team’s knowledge together, so you don’t have to ask “can you send me a link?” again.

The righ hand side bar in Newestxxx displaying a collection of Company wiki folders with sections for each department
Knowledge base page for the company travel policy in Newestxxx


The context you need, all in one place

Connect your other tools to create a single source of truth in Newestxxx. Check the status of a Linear ticket, share a video or provide extra context for discussion and decision making.

This Week's Update
A rich link preview of a Linear ticket being added to a Newestxxx docA rich link preview of a Github ticket being added to a Newestxxx docA rich link preview of Slack thread being added to a Newestxxx docA Youtube video embed being added to a Newestxxx doc

“Newestxxx helps me collaborate with my team across time zones and geographic boundaries. It’s our go-to app for staying organized and keeping our projects on-track.”

Headshot of Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas

CEO of Averetek


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Images & Videos

Add context and visual interest to your updates to make them easier to digest.

Examples of videos, images and designs you can embed in Newestxxx docs

Built-in AI Assistant

Ask AI to summarize your update, check spelling and grammar or generate ideas.

The Newestxxx AI Assistant suggesting names for a document

Comments & Reactions

Show some love, start a conversation and speed up decision making.

A comment on a Newestxxx doc where Avery Santo is saying "Love the new colors"

Code Blocks

Share syntax highlighted code blocks in your updates and documents.

A code snippet shared using the code block feature in Newestxxx

Structured Documents

Group related ideas into Cards & Pages to add more detail for those who need it.

Newestxxx doc examples showing different kinds of document structure using cards

Rich Link Previews

Get the info you need at-a-glance with detailed and dynamic link previews.

A rich link preview of a Miro board that includes the board name and description, the team and the date it was last updated

“100 requests, 10 clients, 1 Newestxxx. That’s how it’s done. No need to juggle different systems and hope one works. Easy and intuitive for myself and my clients.”

Headshot of Abdallah Hammad

Abdallah Hammad

Business Developer at TMA Method

The Details

We sweat the small stuff 幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史记录-官网开奖结果记录查询

We believe that form and function go hand-in-hand. That's why we've weaved delight into almost every interaction in Newestxxx.

3D animations

(Actually) useful notifications

Speedy workflows

Smart shortcuts

Seamless interactions

Intuitive design

Ready to get started?

Download Newestxxx for free. No credit card required.

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